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Undoing the Coup
Entering a New Era One Year Later

Saturday, December 22, 2001 celebration at Local 32-BJ of SEIU, 601 Avenue of the Americas

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Hungry dissidents scoff free food  
Looking toward back of room (100k download)
Cannibal as Arman Schlamiel (shot with cheap camera)
Engaging, but slow moving Jeopardy game
Run-on sentence "answers" blamed on Bob Lederer

"Listener Joyce" 
Event to be aired on wbix.org at 6:00 p.m. tonight! 
Sun Dec 23 12:09:48 2001

I hope this announcement doesn't get lost in this thread.

I agree with what most have written about last night's event. Wild "guerilla" Pete K. and the mostly CF folks with the leader-ness of Ursula R. put together a beautiful bash! Chris Z. and "Sirius" are an expert techie team!

David D. and Janet C. are THE BEST. "Dig Rezod" is a funky writer and talented guy of a million voices. "June Jones" is a WONDERFUL director and a super "Jinx." (Folks will find out who "Jinx" is when the performance is aired.)

CenÚn and MONROE were over the top as callers! Moogy and Rudy "Cannibal" were on point callers as well. Rudy is really a talented actor. He handled his "callers" very well. That was amazing to watch and hear. Bernard W. gave a delightful contribution as the voice of Utrice Leid. John McD and Miguel M. were a SCREAM as "Paul Pot" and "SanDiego Nieves."

The major surprise was the son of Professor Irwin Corey. Unfortunately, I missed HIS name. He was a perfect contribution to the "dueling" Hugh Hamiltons.

I'm always happy to see Sharan L. Harper. I felt really "warm and fuzzy" having seen Steffie, Sad (and Mrs. Sad), Curly S., Asmile, Dr. Kiel Basy Paul S. and some other "vigliers" whom I can't remember their names (grrrr). It's always funky to see Amy and Bernard in the same space. Even though I see Errol A LOT of the time, I'm always happy when he gets to hang around his longtime buddies/associates. It was nice to see Dave B., and I can't wait until he comes back to "The Personal Computer Show."

The FOOD! The MUSIC! Thanks Earl and Kat! (There could have been MORE dancing space/time, but I made my own.) REV. BILLY!

"Talented" just seems to be an understatement for everyone I had mentioned above and some I might have missed. Since this gathering was to commemorate/acknowledge what took place in NYC at the WBAI Pacifica station, and I could go on about my observations, I'm going to end this post with what some producers have said on "BAI." The WBAI listener is the most intelligent audience! As part of that intelligence, I would add "creative."

Next event coming really soon...THE WBAI "POST COUP" FUNDRAISING PARTY! (Fingers crossed.)

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