War and peace and lots of etc. full color posters by Frank Fitzgerald are now online.

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Photos, Reports & History
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July 27, 2004 LSB meets peacefully after series of disruptive meetings
February 19, 2004 First meeting of elected BAI Local Station Board
September 30, 2003 Robert Knight slams the "Badlight WBAI gossip board"
March 12, 2003 Gary Null Demonstration Natural Living supporters want 5 hours, not 4
January 11 - 13, 2002 Historic Meeting of iPNB in New York City
December 22, 2001 One Year Anniversary of Coup Celebration at Local 32-BJ
November 26 LAB refuses to endorse elected national boards Carolyn Birden
November 14 Resolution Passed by Local Advisory Board
November 7th LAB's Errol Maitland comments on democratization and LAB elections Steffie Brooks ( + Evan Davis on Errol Maitland's Views)
Nov. 7, 2001 WBAI LAB Meeting at CHARRAS Frank Fitzgerald
October 5 Democracy Now in Exile Cable TV Program
August 28 National Day of Outrage for Democracy Now! and DN Staff Statement
August 1 LAB Meeting at the Dominican Club Frank Fitzgerald (+ Patty Heffley's take)
July 29 Celebration Fundraiser for Bernard White + interviews
July 12 CF General meeting (Leslie Cagan, Mimi Rosenberg, Miquel Maldonado, Proposed Election Procedures for LAB, more) Frank Fitzgerald
June 12 Anarchist Forum on Pacifica's Problems
May 24 rally to save Democracy Now
April 28 march across Brooklyn Bridge to WBAI
March 3 Revival Meeting at WBAI (invocation by Rev. Billy; Monroe among the congregants; Monroe flyers)
Feb. 20 Epstein, Becker & Green Protest Photos
Feb. 3 Concerned Friends of WBAI meeting (including Juan Gozalez presentation)
Jan. 23 confrontation at WBAI; read report: Arrests at WBAI
Jan. 2001 photos of demonstration in front of WBAI

Dec. 27, 2000 Listener Support Meeting 18 photos + audio file
Dec. 22, 2000 Concerned Friends Call for Action "Listeners will form a security force from January 1st on..."

Listener Proposals made during 2001
Additional photos (offsite) at www.pbase.com/jcappy/radio and http://www.wbaiaction.org/artwork/

Ancient History

 Letters/notes written (mostly) by Frank Fitzgerald, creator of the "Goodlight forums"

DeJa'Vue All Over Again - 1977 Friends of WBAI newsletter outlines their crisis
The Fight to Save WBAI  What Happened?  Chronology of Crisis  Racism; Escrow; Funding
We Accuse; An Appeal  Board Members  The Friends Will Not Be Silenced
Front page photo (larger)

Audio Assortment slices of BAI and beyond...

   Message Board announcement flyers
   Pacifica Night Vision Goggles for secret National Board meetings
   Call Pacifica Lock & Key for true security
   Poster announcing April 28th demonstration
   Democracy Now streaming video,  audio files and poster

Books on the history of Pacifica and Wbai 

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WBAI Message Board  Add your opinions to the message board
WBAI-FM in NYC is cybercast at the station's website 
Statements by LAB Members

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