WBAI GM Don Rojas has approved the creation of a Publicity Poster Project to be hosted on on wbai.org. The main component would be the offering of free black and white WBAI station and producer posters.

Posters such as the unfinished samples below and others like them, created by (or for) producers acting on their own initiative, would be downloaded by listeners and "fans" for printing with their home or office printers - for their own use and for posting in laundromats, restaurants, book stores, schools, etc.

One very practical way to bring diversity to the station and listenership is through outreach in as many forms as possible, and this project could do much to help reach potential new listeners. It should cost WBAI virtually nothing and may stimulate an energetic, creative response in the area's arts community, which in turn could further stimulate interest in, and recognition of, WBAI.

The samples displayed here may be used / modified, or serve simply to indicate possibilities. When the project is fully underway step by step instructions for creating a  poster will be included.

DreamScape  Producer poster

Central Park  Station or producer poster

Cheney & Rumsfeld; Cruise Missle & March  Station or producer posters

Peace Demos  Station or producer posters

Steps  Station or producer posters

Voice of the People  Station or producer poster

Templates for sizing and designing posters
Questions: contact page

goodlight.net/goodposter  Some whimsical BAI color posters
goodlight.net/wbai  Listener archive and online forum