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Sisters Helping Our Brother

The group, Sisters Helping Our Brother, presented a celebration fundraiser for fired programmer/Program Director Bernard White on Pier 63 at 23rd Street and the Hudson River on July 29, 2001.

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Celebrants  More celebrants  Odetta performing  Odetta (Bob Fass looking on)  Valerie VanIssler  Amy Goodman  Mimi Rosenberg  Janice K. Bryant  Monroe (with his latest statement) and Steffi  Randy Credico in Tulia hat  

The following were interviewed regarding their opinions on LAB elections and other matters. The interviews can be heard at
Bernard White
  Radio Free Eireann interview with John Mcdonagh and Sandy Boyer  John Mcdonagh  Sharan Harper  Robert Knight  Ken Nash  Kathy Davis  Elombe Brath  Intrviewers with Elombe Carolyn Birden, Sonia Rosen, Chris Zguris

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