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July 12, 2001 Concerned Friends of WBAI Meeting

Thursday evening, July 12 - Concerned Friends of WBAI General meeting at St. Paul and St Andrew Church, West 86th St and West End Ave. in Manhattan. "On the agenda is getting listener input on lawsuit issues, elections, and any other matters that are of concern. This is a chance for listeners to gather information and discuss the implications of various routes."

Leslie Cagan (right)  Mimi Rosenberg (at microphone)  CF panel  Audience and CF panel
Audience 1  Audience 2  Audience feedback

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Leslie Cagan ("dissident" PNB member) reported on latest board maneuvers, the call for an emergency meeting to install 5 new board members (no resumes made available to her and others), legal motion to prevent this. 

Mimi Rosenberg (banned host of labor issues program, Building Bridges) addressed the group emphasizing her beliefs:

  • ultimate political relief not found in court
  • lawsuits (50 depositions need to be taken + other possible delays) must be complimented by political action to save BAI
  • possible action: a public "trial" of those trying to take Pacifica away from its principles
  • Utrice Leid is acting on her own; picketing and other actions needed to drive out management
  • Rep. Major Owens (of Progressive Caucus) taking action in Congress

Lawyer Jonathan Lobel said that "it was not in FCC's nature to takeover" a station as Gary Null had recently stated. Lobel talked about the difficulty of working four (?) lawsuits simultaneously, and of the need for political action.

NY LAB chair, Miquel Maldonado, spoke of his reservations regarding LAB elections.

Proposed Election Procedures for WBAI Station Board - a working draft being circulated for community input - was discussed at the meeting

Frank Fitzgerald's after meeting Conversations with Mimi and Miguel

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