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June 12, 2001 Anarchist Forum on Pacifica's Problems

On Tuesday, June 12, at 7:30 PM, the Libertarian Book Club’s Anarchist Forum presented a discussion
on "What's Going On at WBAI and What Can We Do About It?: Trying to Understand Pacifica's

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At the beginning of the meeting we were asked to form into groups, pick one or more Pacifica related questions from a provided list (an undeclaration titled A Declaration of Guerilla Media War) (Is this an example of anarchism in action?), and discuss our opinions. 
Group 1
  Group 2  Group 2a  Group 3  Group 4

Mitch Cohen, Green Party candidate for mayor, says he will "...make BAI an issue in the race." (Really, that's what he said.)

Afterwards, representatives of the groups offered feedback.

Panel  Panel 3  Bob Fass  Panel 4

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