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April 28, 2001 March Across the Brooklyn Bridge to WBAI

On Saturday, at 1 PM, Protestors gathered at Borough Hall, in Brooklyn, for a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to WBAI at 120 Wall Street.

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Borough Hall
Gathering at Borough Hall  Waiting to march  Freedom 
Speakers: Deepa Fernandez  Elombe Brath  Bob Lederer  Rita Marksman  
Readying to march
  On the move  Dedicated to free speech  Up to the bridge 

Brooklyn Bridge 
Leaving Brooklyn behind  Heading for Manhattan  Uphill  Not a penny  We're getting there  With a little help from our friends  

In Manhattan
Listener Power - Donor Union  October 22nd  Rehire Fired Producers  Restore Free Speech  Boycott the Pledge Drive  Nearing WBAI  Welcoming the marchers  People united against Big Rat  Computer Show's Dave Burstein  The assembled

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