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March 3, 2001 Protest at WBAI
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On Saturday, from 1 - 3 PM, while the Pacifica National Board met in Houston, Texas, a group of approximately 100 protestors gathered in front of 120 Wall Street, current home of the WBAI studios. Among the various personalities and performers who cheered the crowd was Reverend Billy, who called upon the Power of Gawd to HEAL THE SOUL of the Pacifica lost IN DARKNESS (or whatever).

Reverend Billy

The faithful fill the pews  Lively choirsters  Congregants  Egghead  A voice crying in the wilderness

Legendary caller Monroe  Monroe Assortment  Monroe flyer calls for more Reports to the Listener  Side 2 urges proper use of "zero zero" (instead of "oh oh")

Posted July 7, 2001: January 1998 Four Page Monroe Flyer
AN OPEN LETTER to EVERYONE especially those Concerned with WBAI 99.5 FM + FREEDOM of SPEECH
(Monroe says it wasn't him... and challenges Al Lewis!)
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