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Concerned Friends of WBAI Meeting 2/3/01 Photos
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The Concerned Friends of WBAI held an open meeting at St. Paul's Church in Manhattan on February 3rd to discuss listener response to the upcoming station fund drive. Juan Gonzalez, NY Daily News journalist and recently resigned co-host of Democracy Now!, was on hand to explain his decision and to discuss plans for addressing the "hijacking of Pacifica by the Pacifica National Board." 


Concerned Friends committee members
cbirden.jpg Carolyn Birden - LAB Elections Committee
soniar.jpg Sonia Rosen - Media 
stewartl.jpg Stewart Lawrence - Finance
jdingman.jpg Jim Dingman - Research
uridden.jpg Ursala Ridden - Outreach
bobl.jpg Bob Lederer
raylaf.jpg Ray LaForest - (LAB member) Coordinating Committee
aaguiar.jpg Arun Aguiar - Outreach/Action Committee on the by-laws
paul-s.jpg Paul Servoll 

Juan Gonzalez

feedback.jpg Audience feedback and questions

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