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February 20, 2001 Epstein, Becker and Green Protest
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On Tuesday (2/20/01) a protest took place on Park Avenue in Manhattan outside the offices of John Murdock, a recent addition to the Pacifica National Board. Murdock is a corporate attorney whose law firm, Epstein, Becker & Green, specializes in "maintaining a union-free work place." Murdock's law firm is currently representing the Pacifica Foundation in several law suits filed against Pacifica. Many believe Murdock represents the undemocratic direction in which the Pacifica National Board is taking. 

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In Manhattan's darkening canyons... 
What is this? 
a BIG rat!
and a lumbering gorilla.

The people confront them 
at 250 Park Avenue
and the city bears witness.

Determined faces
with a message.

Save free speech radio!
they shout
and demand what is theirs.

They raise their voices in song 
and protest 
before 250 Park. 

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