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First meeting of elected BAI Local Station Board

Left to right: Robert (Bob) Owens (back to camera), Alice Shields (barely visible), R. Paul Martin, Patty Heffley, Shawn Rhodes, Roger Manning, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Ray Laforest, Lawrence E. Lucas, Michael Warren, Bob Lederer, Zara Khan, Cerene Roberts, Yvonne Liu, Mariana R. Gaston, Leslie Cagan (non LSB), Paul DeRienzo, Alex Steinberg, Miguel Maldonado, Berthold Riemers, Carolyn Birden, Luanne Pennesi, Steve Brown (hand to head), Kathy Goldman, Paul Surovell

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stndg-room.jpg The audience seats in the Theater for the New City filled up quickly, leaving many standing.
rpm.jpg Late night radio host (and long-time "bleepin blue board" poster), R. Paul Martin, introduces himself.
rojas.jpg At meeting's close, General Manager Don Rojas read a prepared statement.

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