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  Philip Incao, M.D. Bio

Philip Incao studied liberal arts and life sciences at Wesleyan University and then received his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1966. He studied anthroposophy and anthroposophic medicine in Forest Row, England and Arlesheim, Switzerland.

From 1973 until 1996 he had a busy general practice of anthroposophic medicine in rural Harlemville, New York, next to a biodynamic farm. During this same time period, Dr. Incao also served as the medical director of Camphill Village in Copake, New York, a unique community residence with adult mentally handicapped persons.

He has been studying vaccinations and the immune system for the past 27 years. His article on vaccinations and the immune system, "Supporting Children’s Health" in the September 1997 issue of Alternative Medicine Digest magazine, generated much interest and was reprinted both in Canada and in Australia.

Dr. Incao was an invited speaker at the First International Public Conference on Vaccinations sponsored by the N.V.I.C. in Alexandria, Virginia in September 1997.

He has served as an expert witness in court of law in 4 trials concerning vaccinations and has submitted medical opinions in support of parents seeking compensation for their vaccine-damaged children. He has been working on a book about children’s health and the immune system since 1998.

Dr. Incao moved to Denver in September 1996 in order to help the growth of anthroposophic medicine in the western United States. He opened the Gilpin Street Holistic Center, located at 1624 Gilpin Street in Denver in March 1997.

Dr. Incao's special interest is strengthening the health of children against the increasingly stressful influences of modern life, especially of modern healthcare. He also lectures frequently on the practical application of a spiritual yet scientific understanding of the human being to healing.

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This site is hosted to bring together health experts who might assist in challenging New York state's health/vaccination laws.   You are invited to email suggestions of possible expert witnesses who might offer testimony to New York legislators.  Any ideas or suggestions to help regain parent's and children's civil rights regarding vaccination laws are also